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Tarker always strive to provide good quality Products to our valued customers. We always inspect and check our Products carefully to ensure no damage or defective before we deliver to you. That is why we offer you our Product Warranty.

In the event that any damaged Products happened during the warranty period, you may claim the Product Warranty as defined below. You are required to contact our Customer Service and provide us with the pictures or videos, a detailed description of fault and the purchase invoice for our further action.

Warranty Coverage and Limitations:

  1. The warranty period starts from the date of delivery. We will repair or replace an item that is deemed defective due to manufacturing defect within the warranty period. 

  2. Generally, manufacturing defects is defined as any significant imperfections that may impair the use of the Product for which it was intended to.

  3. Any repaired or replaced items under the Limited Warranty shall enjoy the remaining warranty period from the original items only.

    Example for 2-year Limited Warranty:
    Purchase date: 1 May 20X1
    Delivery date: 1 June 20X1
    Warranty covered period: 1 June 20X1 to 31 May 20X3

    Warranty claimed on 31 May 20X2, the repaired or replaced item will enjoy the remaining warranty period i.e. until 31 May 20X3.


  4. All decisions to repair or replace shall be at our sole discretion.

  5. All our Product Warranty is not transferable and does not apply to the following items:

    • Items not purchased directly from Tarker.

    • Items used for commercial purposes or in commercial locations.

    • Items damaged resulting from normal wear and tear, customer negligence and improper assembly.

    • Items finishing, including but not limited to stitching, glue, nails, tacks.

    • Items marked as “AS-IS” or “Display Items”.

    • Items misused or tampered with in any way.

    • Items have been modified or incorrectly adjusted without Tarker’s authorisation.

    • Items used outdoors, unless specifically stated.




Tarker offers a 14-Day Price Protection Policy, to assure your purchase price is the lower price within 14 days from the date of purchase. If you find the Product that you purchased is in lower price than your purchase price within 14 days from the date of purchase, you are invited to contact our Customer Service immediately. We are happy to return to you the difference with Tarker store credit voucher.

Our 14-Day Price Protection Policy does not apply for the following items:

  1. Items not purchased directly from Tarker's official website - .

  2. Items marked as “AS-IS” or “Display Item”.

  3. Items with self-customised.

  4. Items with promo code applied.

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